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The purpose of the TruthDirectory website is to provide a resource for Christians traveling in unfamiliar areas to find sound congregations. Due to the myriad of facts contained and the frequency of changes in addresses, phone numbers, and service times keeping any directory up to date is almost impossible. We are dependent on you, our readers, to ensure your congregation’s information is as up-to-date as possible. We emphasize that this list is man-made and that anyone traveling to one of the churches listed or moving to an area where one of the churches exist should examine the church’s stand on various issues and make their own decision as to whether or not they could worship there in good conscience. Inclusion in this list says nothing about what the Lord thinks of them. In fact in Revelation 3, the church at Sardis was called “dead” by our Lord, but there were still a few in Sardis who were faithful and alive among the dead.

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  1. The fastest way to locate a specific congregation is to use the search box to the right or below. You can search on anything such as congregation name, city name,or anything else that might be unique.
  2. You will notice the list of Categories consisting of states and regions in the right-hand columns.
  3. By clicking on one of the state or region names, you will see a list of the congregations within that category. If the list is longer than one page, at the top and the bottom of that list is a link to “<< older entries”. This link will allow you to page through those other entries.
  4. There is also a link preceded by the “–>” symbol next to a map link, This map displays a pin for each congregation which included enough information to place it on the map. The pins will not appear until you reach a certain Zoom level.
This is a listing of many non-institutional churches of Christ throughout the World. Our intent is to list only congregations that would describe themselves as “conservative and non-institutional”. In short, congregations which do not support human institutions such as:

  • Use of Church Treasury to build “Life Centers”, “Fellowship Halls”, etc.
  • Orphans Homes
  • Missionary Societies (where churches send money to a central sponsoring church – which then distributes money to preachers).
  • Use of Musical Instruments in Worship

For more information on the definition of these terms see: Collection of Articles on Institutionalism

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